Lustige Sätze

Erklärt sich ja von selbst:

bei mir kommt raus:

I shot Santa Clause because I’m gay.


I ran naked with Santa Claus because I´m gay

I fucked a jew because I hate my life.

I fucked a condom because I was horny.

With me is not good cherry-eating at this moment but nothing for ungood. I think I spider. :smiley:

I smoked weed with a travesty, because I hate my life…


I got married with a lesbian because I’m sexy. 8)

Das ist dann mal alles andere als unmöglich… [size=50]naja bis auf das sexy[/size] :rat:

… tjaaaa Jungs, wer kann der kann, ne? :stuck_out_tongue: :flag: :laughing:

i’m married with an egg because i’m sexy.

I pissed a Horse because I’m sexy.

I hate a puppet because I’m sexy.

i ran naked with a robot because i got an orgasm

I smoked weed with a lesbian because i smoked crack


I killled a vacuum cleaner because i hate my life

I fucked Santa Claus becaus I have perfect Abs.