A New Yorker looking for German friends

:smiley: Hi everyone! I had just joined this site and would love to hear from all of you guys in Germany and elsewhere. I would like to make new friends, so respond back to me and let’s chat.

Who wants to go to Spa this thursday night? Mario? Ben?


hi there!
Cool to have you with us. Where did you hear about this site?

hey how’s it going? i heard about this site through a german friend of mine who visited me here in NYC two weeks ago.

i used to live in frankfurt, so i’m trying to keep in touch with the happenings in germany.

i love germany and wish to visit there soon.

keep in touch!!!

you live in NYC ? cool the town of my dreams because i’m a Lennon-fan and he life there if you must know :slight_smile:
do you know the 72nd 1 west ? the dakota-building is there home because yoko live there only

Coo, who’s your friend? Does he write here regularly, too?

:wink: Hi folks!

Seems to me, that this site (forum) is going to be international g

I for myself am jumping between Germany (Ruhr-Area) and United Kingdom (North Yorkshire).

Funny things are going to happen here, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Well - this is also my first posting in the forum (though I tested the chat the last days and it worked jeppjepp - even with an Apple Macintosh :wink:

(All right - there are no German “Umlaute” - but who cares.

Let’s chat!


Nicolas-James (TrueDreamer)

You like to get a ONS? I’m here!!!